About BM Thatchers

About Our Thatching Company

Based right here in Alberton and boasting over 33 years of success and client satisfaction, B.M. Thatchers prides itself on having grown steadily and substantially since our inception in 1988.

Our thatching company in Joburg offers a complete range of specialised and affordable thatching solutions that are characterised by quality, aesthetics, practicality, and affordability.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their exact specifications and challenges are met with expert craftmanship and thatching solutions that go the extra mile to make all the difference.

Affordable Lapas from a team of experts

We provide a turnkey thatching service all under one roof with offers on installations, maintenance, over-thatching, and re-thatching roofs.

This ensures that you not only benefit from installations that ensure an extended lifespan but have the services needed to keep your thatch in optimal condition on a continual basis.

From new thatches to those being brought back to life, our turnkey services are delivered with absolute professionalism, transparency, and integrity.

More About our Thatching Company in Joburg

The B.M. Thatchers slogan is ‘Nothing better under the sun.’ and this is a promise that we make to each of our clients, ensuring the provision of the highest quality thatch roofs on the market. Excellence, efficiency, and affordability make up the formula for our excellence, and it is one that we see on every project we undertake, no matter the size.

Our thatching company ensures adherence to the strictest specifications and standards to guarantee that our services are provided at the highest standards of excellence.

  • All our structures are erected with SABS-approved Tanalith (or Tan-E) Treated gumpoles.
  • All vertical ground poles are concreted into the ground to ensure a strong sound structure as well as protection from water.
  • The vertical ground poles of all our standard thatches are 150mm – 175mm in diameter to ensure a stable structure. Horizontal frame poles are 125mm-150mm and the rafters are 100mm-125mm in diameter. The diameter of the poles increases as the span becomes wider.
  • All main supports are bolted together using 12mm or 16mm nuts and bolts.
  • All poles have anti-split plates at cut-off ends.
  • Main structures as well as laths are varnished with a teak colour varnish which compliments the Cape Reed, providing a superior finish.
  • All our inside work is done with Cape Thatch Reed.
  • The outer layer is thatched with winter-harvested Highveld Thatching Grass.
  • We regard the quality of grass as one of the most important aspects of the thatching process. Grass reeds of 2-3mm thick are used. This ensures good compaction, and density and prevents water from penetrating the grass layer.
  • Our standard thatch thickness is 175mm – 200mm in thickness as per correct specifications.
  • Fibreglass ridging is used.
  • The workmanship on all our new thatch structures is guaranteed for three years unless stated otherwise in our quotation.

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To find out more about our comprehensive, quality-driven, and affordable thatch lapa services, be sure to get in contact with a representative from B.M. Thatchers today.

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