Thatch Services

BM Thatchers has positioned itself as a leading provider of top-quality thatching services.

Through years of experience and a collection of unique insights from the thatching industry, we provide installations, maintenance, re-thatching, Lapa Thatching and more; all through an obligation-free quote and reliable delivery.

We are a global force with the exportation of materials, products and services on an international level. 

All Your Thatching Services Under One Roof

BM Thatchers offers a range of quality thatching services for new and existing roofs. Our services offer a uniquely South African feature to homes, offices, and lodges.

Our thatches can be found on just about all types of properties. The international circuit has found great success with a rise in popularity of South African style.

From giving you something new, to keeping your current lapa thatch in optimal condition and restoring a damaged one. We offer every thatching service you could need, all under one roof:

Get a New Thatch

We provide services for designing and installing new lapa thatches that meet the exact requirements and specifications of our clients. Have your thatch your way, alongside our guarantee that it will serve you reliably.

We Maintain Thatch Roofs

As rugged as thatch roofing is, it does need a little TLC, even if it does not happen very often. We offer thatch maintenance services that you can rely on to keep yours looking better for longer. We will come to you, inspect your thatch, and provide you with a transparent quote for what needs doing.

Over Thatching Roofs

We can conduct over-thatching on your existing roof to give it a new style and inject new life into it. Customize your thatch roof to bring it more closely in line with the aesthetics of your property by simply extending on to your current thatch.

Re-Thatching Roofs

Has your existing thatch roof taken damage? Has it lost its lustre from years of weathering?

We can bring it back to its former glory for you with specialised repair services that are conducted through care and experience.

International And Cross-Border Exportation

As mentioned above, BM Thatchers offers international exports of materials, products and services. This also includes the exportation of our services across the South African border.

One of our most notable international clients has come from the United Arab Emirates.

Why BM Thatchers?

When you opt to go with BM Thatchers, we guarantee that your service will be rendered with integrity and pride. We see to it that each of our customers are given individual care, and that the following principles are at the core of everything we do.

Benefit from Years of Experience

We have been leaders in the thatching industry for a long time, but we don’t simply rest on our laurels. BM Thatchers makes use of everything we have learnt and perfected over our years of building, maintaining, and repairing thatch roofs, when servicing each of our clients.

A Commitment to Quality

Every service we offer comes with a commitment to quality. We take a lot of pride in our work and promise to deliver a final product that not only delivers on your expectations but exceeds them as well.

Transparency & Integrity

Transparency and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. Here at BM Thatchers we strive to foster a culture of trust between our clients and ourselves.

What Thatching Service Do You Need? Contact BM Thatchers Today

Whether you are looking for Lapa thatching or a new thatch, to have one repaired and restored, or simply need a little maintenance, be sure to get into contact with a representative from BM Thatchers today.

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